9-Year-Old Girl Competes In 24-Hour Obstacle Course To Raise Awareness Against Bullying

Milla Bizzotto, a nine-year-old girl from South Florida, has a noble mission: to stop bullying. In the United States, about 22% of students ages 12–18 have experienced some kind of physical or cyber bullying (National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2012). In order to raise awareness of bullying, she became the youngest competitor in a 24-hour obstacle race designed by the U.S. Navy Seals.

9-Year-Old Girl Competes In 24 Hour Obstacle Course To Raise Awareness Against Bullying from Miamifitwear on Vimeo

In order to beat the odds, she trained persistently for nine months, five days a week for three hours a day. Sporting miamifitwear’s leggings; she ran, sprinted and endured a high-intensity exercise routine that prepared her for success.

It’s important to distinguish Milla’s positive mentality. Despite her young age, she exhibits empathy and maturity. She is a true advocate of a movement she calls “#InspirationForTheiPadGeneration”. 

“I don’t spend all day playing videogames. I have a mission. I obstacle course race with a purpose. … I want to inspire a generation. I no longer get bullied, now #IAmTheAntiBully!” said the fierce athlete. 

During the BattleFrog 24hour BFX race, she tackled obstacles, ran, climbed, crawled, jumped, and swum for 24 hours!

Her biggest motivation is her dad and grandma, who support her unconditionally and even join her in some of her races. Christian Bizzotto, Milla’s dad, used to be heavy-weight, but he chose a healthier life-style in order to be an example to Milla, which created a domino effect on the little girl. She is now a paragon — a shining example of where discipline and perseverance can take you. 

“I just don’t want people to quit because they don’t believe in themselves,” said Milla.

You can see Milla’s mad skills on the video above. You can also check out her fun & exclusive photoshoot for MiamiFitWear:


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