Meet Brooklynn Perry Sittner "Queen Beezy", a nine-year-old girl from Montana with a mission in mind, to inspire her generation. Brooklynn dedicates her time to setting a good example for aspiring young athletes like herself. How she does this, you ask? Well to start, she’s not your average nine-year-old girl.


A day in the life for this young champ starts with a protein shake and fruit for breakfast. How’s that for keeping it healthy! After getting her education on she comes home ready to hit the gym and train. Now when we say train we don’t mean a quick 15 minute run, it’s more of a 1-2 hour gym session. Weights and all! But how did this fierce young athlete get to this level at such a young age?


We all have someone or something that motivates us each day to keep pushing ourselves to do and try our best. “I’m motivated by watching my dad and coaches train and wanted to do what they were doing and ended up falling in love with it!” said Brooklynn. Staying motivated is part of becoming successful and so is keeping yourself inspired. “My inspiration is Miranda Olyroyd, for all she has been through and never gives up or quits,” said the young athlete. If you don’t know who Miranda Olyroyd is, she is one of the most famous and recognized women in the CrossFit world. Now there’s someone to look up to!


So what exactly has she done to become thee “Queen Beezy?” At only nine years of age she has been apart of two CrossFit competitions and a weightlifting one as well. Not to mention she is currently training for the USA-Weightlifting (USAW) Youth Nationals being held this upcoming June and the prestigious Wodapooloza in January 2017! She is quite the busy bee and is a true believer that “You can do anything you want to do in life and be whoever you want to be,” says Beezy.


Above all she wants kids her age to always “Chase any dream you have and dream bigger than life because if you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything! Always, always believe in yourself!” Wise and inspiring words, to keep anyone motivated.


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Watch her intense workouts in the video below!

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