8 Cool Gift Ideas for the Holiday Procrastinator out there.

Edible Arrangement

WE. ALL. LOVE. FOOD. Nothing comes quite close to receiving a lovely and delicious edible arrangement.  It’s as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers, except you get to eat it.  The best thing about it is that you can always schedule a delivery, so it is a perfect gift for your friend or family member who lives out of town! 

“Spa Day” Themed Gift Basket


Gift baskets have a reputation of being the “easy gift”, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it the best gift! Create your own DIY gift basket to give it a personal touch.  Head over to the Home Decor section of any store and grab a cute woven basket.  Next head over to the Bath and Body section and get grabbing! It’s best to stick to some essentials, such as a bath bomb, a shower gel, a luxe loofa, and an eye mask.  If you want to get more creative, add a facial mask, some lotion, and even a cute spa headband or shower cap! Bonus points if you color code it all. Place all the items inside the basket with a little bit of tape to keep it together, add some tissue paper and you’re good to go! 


“Gift in a Jar: Daily Notes ”


This is one of those gifts that brings in so much meaning behind it! “Gift in a jar” ideas are all over Pinterest, but my outmost favorite one was the Daily Note Jar.  Basically, you write out a certain number of notes, quotes, or advice on little pieces of paper, you put them in a decorated jar, and viola! Your significant other or best friend will pick out a random note every day from you to get them through their day! How sweet is that?! Cute, budget friendly, and slightly tear jerking.  



“Netflix and Chill” starter pack


The end of the year is stressful and busy and exhausting! We all need a day or two to just sit on our couch in our favorite PJ’s and binge watch our favorite show on Netflix till reality hits us again the next work day.  Like any moment in life, you need a few essentials to get through a Netflix binge, so why not give your bestie a little starter pack?  Add their favorite snacks, flavored drinks, cozy socks, and soft blanket to a cute tote bag! Cute, simple, and everyone will enjoy it! 


Amazon Prime Subscription


We all have that friend who hasn’t stepped foot in a retail store since 2015 because they’ve been shopping online.  We can all agree that shipping charges can be a headache, and its even more annoying to have to wait 3-50 business days for our items to get to our homes.  Let’s give our friends the gift that keeps giving that is Amazon Prime!

Subscription Box


The popularity of these has increased so much this year! Subscription boxes are monthly boxes of curated items sent right to our door! From the makeup lover to the dog mom, Subscription boxes like Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club, Barkbox, and Ipsy can be last minute gift miracles that your friends will be thanking you for every month!  


2018 Calendar or Planner


This is for all the boss ladies!!! Busy lives call for perfect planning, and nothing will bring a sigh of relief to your busy friend than a lovely, sturdy, and versatile planner or calendar for the new year!! Walk in to any Target, Walmart, or Staples and head towards the stationary section. They come in all sorts of prints, sizes, and binds.  You’re sure to get the perfect one to match their lifestyle and personality! 

Miami Fitwear Gift Card


Uh, this is a given! Everyone loves leggings.  Our one-of-a-kind silky fabric is so comfortable and breathable that anyone who wears them will be loving how they feel all day! Pair that with our unique, hand drawn designs! You just can’t go wrong here! (Psstttt. If they place their order before January 1st, they get a 20% off when they use the code HOLIDAY20) 

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