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Miami FitWear is all about making you feel good. – We inspire, empower, uplift individuals wearing our apparel to shine!



Raquel Ponce



Hi! My name is Raquel Ponce and I am the Founder at Miami FitWear. I started the company back in April 2015. The idea started when I was attending a yoga class. I remember seeing all these really fit and lean girls wearing the cutest pants and feeling like I was the biggest girl in the class. I wanted to buy some leggings but the yoga studio I was going to only carried small sizes; the leggings were from different countries where the sizes ran only small. I couldn’t help but feel left out. After a while, I lost weight and bought a size medium. I loved my new pants so much…until I started practicing in them. Every time I did child pose or downward-facing dog they would slip down. Yes, a horror story! Every instance I wore them I had to pull them up and I was never able to be fully present in my yoga class. They didn’t feel good, they weren’t practical.

Not only did I want to feel good in what I was wearing but I also wanted to feel empowered. After thinking it through, I decided to start Miami FitWear. My mission? Quite simple: 1) to create comfortable yet trendy athleisure 2) so people of all shapes and sizes could enjoy freedom and peace of mind while doing their workout 3) so they can truly focus on their routine and forget about the rest of the world. I want people to feel confident in their own skin. I want to make women throughout the world feel entitled to their imminent success. It’s exciting how something that started as a blurry vision and a few dreams has grown and flourished into the thriving project that it is today. 

We carry designs that are one-of-a-kind hand-drawn. The inspiration for the designs came from visions, travels and dreams. All have been manufactured in our in-house facility in the US with the highest quality imported fabric ( 82% Polyester / 18% Lycra). This will allow for flexibility, freshness and comfort. Eco-friendly techniques were implemented in the fabrication of our products. With this said, with Miami FitWear feeling good is only second nature.