"I just purchased bicycle shorts and I am in love. They are pretty, they are comfortable, they feel amazing, they look great on and I am in love with them. They feel special not like others I see around. I will use them for spinning, for yoga, for exercise and I will also wear them out on a Spring or Summer day. They are just awesome stunning and I am in love with them! In addition, doing business with this company is working with fine people who care about their customers and want you to be happy with their product! Five Star product with a Five Star experience. This was my second order and there will be more." -Joy Parker


"The Miami Fitwear team is absolutely amazing! I’ve purchased from their site as well as had custom leggings done and the quality is beyond what I expected, the price point is fair and the customer service is truly 5 star! Owner Raquel and her team are truly a dream to work with and I can’t wait to order my next pair! Leggings are super sturdy and have passed the squat test (I teach fitness classes and no one has seen anything they shouldn’t see lol)." -Kaseedee Jermain


“I'm loving my Miami Fitwear leggings! I love the prints and how they make me feel excited to go dance or take a yoga class. There's something very special about the way they fit and move with my body that just feels right. I feel secure and protected, as well as light and free to move in whatever physical activity I choose. They're awesome!” -Gakenia Muigai (gakenia3)


"Awesome workout apparel, super comfy & fashionable! Favorite part is that they don't rise up or down no matter what workout you are doing!" - cristalhaidee 


"The moment I saw Miami Fitwear pants, I knew I had to meet the vision behind the concept.  Colorful, vibrant, and quite simply bad-ass, these works of art closely match the characteristics of the Kali by Miami Fitwear magic-maker and co-founder, Raquel Ponce." - Liz Newman


"I just want to thank @raquel.ponce16 and@miamifitwear for making such a great product! These are mediums and they fit me perfectly. The material is great, super stretchy. The artwork is beautiful, like I just want to put these in a frame on my wall. Thanks again, and big kisses to you Raquel???."  - popster_yueliang


"Best compression pants with the coolest designs and the most passionate woman behind them!" - biggirlfitgirl 


"I laid my eyes on Miami Fitwear leggings I fell in love and I had to have my own pair.  I’m a huge fan of the artwork and textiles that are featured on these leggings. The quality is superb and also durable so these leggings last forever! Plus, the colors are a replica of my personality! It’s funny how our fashion is a reflection to our personality and these leggings are a must have to my wardrobe." - moda_mimi


"I just wanted to let you know that I received my pants tried them out and I love them! I specially love the fact that I actually feel comfortable in them. My behind is a little bit big and other leggings always stretch too much in that area and it is quite uncomfortable." - Maria Manzano 


"I love love love my workout pants.. Super comfy and don't fall... I highly recommended them to my gfs in fitness industry." - Michelle Ballin 


"I'm loving the girls new Miami Fitwear leggings so cute and fun ? not to mention comfy! Elyssa says "ooo mom I love my new tights they feel so soft!" - Letty Garza


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