Raquel Ponce: Founder, CEO, and Creative Director


Founder, CEO, and Creative Director

A fearless powerhouse, Raquel oversees the daily happenings of her creative and production team. Fueled by iced coffee and an EDM soundtrack she brings never-ending motion to Miami Fitwear. 

The work never stops when being a Business owner and mother of 3 wonderful children, Raquel exceeds her Taurus sign in passion and dedication.


Production Manager

The Jill of All Trades, Master of Most, Laisa makes sure the team and ideas never stop flowing.  A full-time Fashion Designer with 4 special rescue doggies, and a lovable husband. Passionate and Unstoppable in blazing her trail, Laisa is the true embodiment of her Scorpio sign.


Managing print orders, David oversees all aspects at the beginning of the manufacturing process. Being the print technician he is also in-charge of making sure the machines are running at 100%. He prints all our shirt orders along with working side by side with the design and production team. During his free time David enjoys trying new foods and exploring new places for a great photo-op!


Head of the line operating the flat lock stitch machine, she's also the leader in the sewing department. Her job ensures customers' leggings are made perfect and to their satisfaction. Rosy adores kids, with 5 of her own she stays busy, but during her spare time you’ll usually find her studying towards completing a degree in elementary education.

Production Assistant

Our Sublimation technician, and fabric cutter, Mari assures that orders, no matter the size, are made with care and quality.
Our rockstar in making the job look easy! 
You can usually find her spending free time with her grandkids and family. 

Packing and Shipping

An expert in making sure Miami Fitwear orders get to their destinations. She also models Miami Fitwear Products.  You might have seen her in People Magazine, Ok! and Elite Daily modeling our Pride Collection. During her free time Estephani enjoys going to the gym and eating snow crab while spending time with friends and family. A bright and authentic Scorpio who enjoys the little things in life. 



Packing and Shipping

The other half of the Packaging & Shipping Team, Janessa takes pride in packaging all orders with care and making sure that customers get the best customer service. She also has fun modeling Miami Fitwear Products.  You might have seen her wearing our Sports Bras and Swimsuits. 

Out of the office she enjoys spending time with her Shi-Tzu, painting and writing, while also listening to her favorite artist DPR IAN. Being a Cancer she makes sure everything is done with heart. 


Senior Graphic Designer

Designer & Photographer of the creative team, he develops designs for the retail aspect of Miami Fitwear and for private label requests. You might have seen his designs for Peloton or Boo Crew.  Rudy also assists in creating media graphics and editing. 

When he is not wearing the many caps needed to be team leader, in his spare time, he takes to enjoying films and shows in any genre, listening to music and audiobooks. A true Leo in his creative and extremely talented right. 


Graphic Designer

Laura takes the reins in our email, product marketing, branding and social media team. Passionate about design she also creates many of the textile designs seen on the Miami Fitwear site.  During her free time Laura dreams of attending Live Music festivals again but is content with staying indoors to watch X-Files with her ginger tabby.

Graphic Designer

Our Adobe Illustrator Badass, Loisa graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from Baylor University. Her role at Miami Fitwear primarily consists of designing our capsule collections and assisting with product photo edits. You might have seen her Electric Neon Collection. 

During her free time, Loisa can be found binge-watching her favorite shows on Hulu or practicing playing the acoustic guitar. A true Aries at heart with her enthusiasm for art and accepting challenges.