6 Creative and Affordable Gifts for this Valentine's Day!

It's that time of the year when we have to start thinking what to give to our loved ones for Valentine's Day.. Why not given them something creative and unique to show them how very special they are?

I love these ideas because they are not exclusive gifts for a significant other, but also can be used as a gifts to spoil your friends or yourself this Valentine's Day. 

1.- Home-made Valentine Cards

Personalized, home-made cards are always a great idea because you can design them in a way that you'll know that the person receiving it will love it. You can put inside jokes, pictures or drawings that only you two will appreciate, understand and love. 

Click here to see some examples of what I'm talking about, by "Real Simple" 

Photo by Levi Brown; Styling: Blake Ramsey

2.- DIY Valentine Message Balloons

Another good idea is to express your love through balloons. Yup! Balloons.. they are super trending right now! Balloons are light, and colorful and full of fun.

To make something out of the norm, buy your special one tons of your favorite balloons, in this case colorful, heart-shaped, metallic balloons and some tattoo paper. Print out what ever you want to decorate the balloons. Place the tattoos where you want them to go, inflate the balloons with helium and voilà ! 

Click here for the complete tutorial, written by Kelly Mindell.

DIY Projects, Styling and Text by Studio DIY Photos by Jeff Mindell

3.- "Queen of Hearts" Valentine Leggings

For only 45 dollars you can buy a cute Valentine Legging to spoil yourself, a friend or a girlfriend. These hot pink leggings are here to help you feel sexy and beautiful. Its soft, high quality, compression fabric will make anyone wearing feel comfortably loved.

I love this idea because it's a gift that will last long and it will become an all year-round reminder that you are loved, that you are special, and hopefully it'll inspire the person to love their body too.

Click here to get these pre-sale "Queen of Hearts" Leggings at miamifitwear.com

Complete your Valentine's workout look with this cute legging!

 4.- DIY Hearts Coffee Mug

This one is a great and easy gift to make and give to all the coffee lovers out there. You can write a note for the one receiving the cup for them to remember every time they use it, that they are loved and cared by someone. 

Click this link for the complete tutorial, by Emily CO

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Emily Co

5.- Crimson Heart Umbrella

Okey..so this is not a very practical idea, but when I saw this umbrella it just made me wish I had it.. So I added it to the list because I believe it's a good idea to give someone a heart-shaped, delightful,  umbrella to a person in Valentines. It will help you let your special person know that your love will be always with them, just like the umbrella, protecting them from what lies ahead. 

Click on this link to buy the umbrella at uncommongoods.com

By uncommongoods.com

6.- Audrey Hepburn Sleep Mask 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Audrey Hepburn in role of Holly Golightly) sleeping mask would be a nice, unique, little gift for a woman on Valentines.

This cute handmade sleep mask in Tiffany and CO blue color, can be bought at Etsy, and be given with a cute note that says " I only have eyes for you" or " Sleep well, and always remember that I love you" or any other cheese thought that can relate. 

Click here to get your Sleep Mask by Svetlana Covalenco.


By Svetlana Covalenco

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